Linear Electric Fail Safe Actuator Type ELAFS

Valvitalia linear electric fail safe valve actuator suitable for gate or rising stem valves for on/off or modulating service, powered by 3-phase electric supply.
Technical characterstics:

  • Manual Handwheel
  • Output torque up to 4,596,179 in-lbs (20,000,000 N)
  • Two Signals Level Alarms for Overtorque and Overheating
  • Certified Ex-d IIC T4 IP68 according to ATEX and IEC standards
  • Two local lockable selector switches
  • Local LCD Display
  • Spring Container

Optional features:

  • Multiple Fieldbus Connection
  • 4-20mA Position Transmitter
  • Low temperature application up to -76° F (-60° C) with fluorosilicone seals and low temperature materials