Broady Type 4000 Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve

The series 4000 Flanged Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve is a High performance product, designed for superior performance in todays ever expanding industries.

The Type 4000 is a ASME Approved product for both Gas and Liquid. It is available in a range of materials, from stock Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, to the more specialised materials required to suit the customers needs.

The soft seat design of the Type 4000 allows for maximum seat tightness with minimum leakage.

Available with a range of different accessories, the Type 4000 can be adapted to suit all different services required. Our R&D department are ever continuing to develop new accessories that aid the user and improve the function.

Limits And Standards

Minimum Set Pressure: 2 Barg

Maximum Set Pressure: 425 Barg

Orifice Designation: “D” orifice through to “T” orifice, Full Bore option is also available.

Design standard: ASME Section VII Division 1: 2007 + 2009 Agenda. API 520, 9th edition, July 2014. API 526, Edition 6, April 2009.

Materials of construction:

Carbon Steel, Low Carbon Steel Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Aluminium Bronze, Gunmetal, Monel, Hastelloy.

Key Features:

Soft seating area for minimum seat tightness with minimal leakage. Adjustable blowdown of between 3-20%. Site test adaptor and back flow preventer fitted as standard.

Pilot can be modified between Pop action and Modulating depending on the customers requirements, using the same main valve.