Three Way Ball Valve Flanged ANSI 150


Arita three way ball valves are suitable for use on various kinds of pipelines in Class150~Class300. They are used for switching, dividing, and combining medium flow, with a range of operators including manual, worm gear, pneumatic or electric actuators. End connections are flanged. If other connections are required by customers, we can provide other types of connections.

Structure And Features

L type three way ball valves are used for pipelines to switch the flow direction, with the ability to be able to switch on two flow lines perpendicular with each other. T type three way ball valves may be used to divide, combine or switch the flow direction. T type ball passage is able to switch on three flow lines or switch on two of the three flow lines.

T type ball valve may have two , three or four seats in their construction, however, the specific valve design will be determined by the required function. In this respect, for Flocontrol to select a suitable valve, it is necessary to describe in detail the application requirement

There are many kinds of three way ball valves with unique designs manufactured by ARITA, which are manufactured to meet customer specific working conditions and requirements.

Arita three way ball valves are available flanged ANSI 150~ANSI 300 in 316 stainless steel material with sizes ranging from  DN15 to DN150