SAN Series Desuperheating Nozzle

SAN NOZZLES are variable area spring-assisted nozzles for desuperheating service. The closed position of the plug is assured by the action of a calibrated spring loaded by a threaded nut locked in position by a pin. When the water pressure inside the nozzle rises, the ?p between steam and water increases till the water action on the plug exceeds the spring load and the plug starts opening. The water starts to come out from the nozzle flowing through several holes that, due to their special design, whirl the flow before it gets in contact with the inside surface of the plug. The plug perfectly atomizes the water performing a 90 degrees-shaped conical blade. The special plug profile on the external surface which is in contact with steam flow improves plug stability in open position. Spring load can be adjusted to obtain the desired opening pressure. 1,3 and 5 bar are our standard settings. Other set pressure values can be provided for special requirements.

    SAN body materials are carbon steel or Cr-Mo steel according to operating temperature.

  • INCONEL X-750 has been selected for springs to ensure maximum stability at highest temperatures.
  • Injection chamber is normally manufactured with the same pipe material.