Linear Gas over Oil Actuator Type GOL

Valvitalia linear gas over oil valve actuator suitable for gate or rising stem valves for gas pipeline application, powered by natural gas or nitrogen.
Technical characteristics:

  • Double Acting
  • Output torque up to 4,496,179 in-lbs (20,000,000 N)
  • Local position Indicator
  • Gas Over Oil Tanks (Stamped or Not, PED)
  • Hydraulic Manual Override, High Pressure Filter and Open / Close Stroke Adjustment
  • High Pressure Local and Remote Control for automatic operation
  • Frame based on scotch yoke mechanism
  • High Pressure Cylinder

Optional features:

  • Gas Storage Tank (Stamped or Not, PED)
  • Low temperature application up to -76° F (-60° C) with fluorosilicone seals and low temperature materials
  • High temperature application up 392° F (200° C) with Viton Seals