K-Lo High-Performance Rotary Control Valve

K-LO rotary control valves have been especially designed to meet the usual cavitation problems of processes when hot liquids and not negligible pressure drops facilitate the development of cavitation. These special valves are deriving from the double eccentric DYNA-LOK series by modifying the basic disc design with particular baffles, integral or welded-in on both the disc sides, which increase the recovery factor of valve as well as its cavitation index grows. These baffles are wing-shaped and machined with many rectangular windows providing a moderate pressure drop so to not greatly affect the Cv of the valve with the plain disc. The distribution of the windows takes into account the presence of the sealing ring fitted into the body, with particular care to the area close to the shaft axis. Due to particular disc baffled design, max valve openings greater than the usual 90° are allowed to achieve higher Cv values. As for DYNA-LOK valves, the off-set design reduces the torque tending to close the valve. In addition, the cam effect caused by second shaft eccentricity improves the seal ring life.
Technical characteristics:

  • Sizes: from DN 250 up to DN 2000
  • Ratings: up to ANSI 300, PN 40, up to DN 600 included, ANSI 150, PN16 for greater sizes.
  • Flanged design (cast or fabricated construction depending on the size and material selection)
  • Face-to-face dimensions as per EN558, ISO 5752, basic series 13
  • Materials: all carbon and stainless steel grades, duplex and copper alloys