Fire Monitors

Silvani manufactures the largest range of Monitors.

• Materials (Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Bronze, Light Alloy)

• Available flow rates from 500 litres per minute up to 60000 litres per minute (depending on the monitor model)

• Complete range of operation modes:

• Manual Operated (CV)

• Self Oscillating (AU)

• Electric Operated (TCE)

• Hydraulic Operated (TCO)

• Electric/Hydraulic Operated (TEO)

• Radio or Water turbine controlled

• Single or multiple agents

Silvani monitors are adapted to a large range of applications (Tank farms, jetties, helidecks, offshore & marine…) and are certified by major bodies.

Silvani monitors are completely designed and tested in-house in order to optimise all the technical characteristics (e.g. materials, hydraulic performance,
pressure drops) and to maintain the maximum flexibility to adapt them for special customer requests.