Ball Control Valves CB54 – CB55

Control Ball Valves of CB series provide an excellent tightness, typical of on-off ball valves with a high rangeability. CB series valves match together the ability to transfer large flows with a precise regulating action at small flows. In this way it is possible to reach rangeability of 200:1 and with particular trims until 300:1. Furthermore the special trim design of CB series provides noise and cavitation abatement.
Technical characteristics:

  • Side entry flanged and butt-welded design
  • Size: from 2” to 42”
  • Rating: from #150 to #2500
  • Face to face dimensions API 6D
  • Materials: carbon and stainless steel, duplex, nickel alloys

CB series are available in two configurations:

  • CB 54 has a downstream drilled disc especially engineered to reduce aerodynamic noise
  • CB 55 special multi-path / multi-stage trim allows an excellent flow control, and it is especially designed to reduce both noise and cavitation effects.