Water & Wastewater Valves

Whether during the transport or treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater, or during the production and treatment of drinking water – Wouter Witzel and InterApp valves and actuator technology supplied by Flocontrol are uncompromisingly made for these applications.

The range covers butterfly and check valves as well as knife gate valves and penstocks for the use with very dirty fluids. All used materials – from the body over elastomers to the smallest screw – comply with the rules of the DVGW and are accordingly admitted.

Hence the Wouter Witzel, InterApp, Orbinox & Ozkan valves supplied by Flocontrol make their contribution to the preservation of water quality from the extraction to the delivery for the end user.

Furthermore the Wouter Witzel range of EVFS double flanged butterfly valves are approved for use by the Water Corporation of Western Australia.

Below you will find our products for water & wastewater applications: