Coogee Chlor-Alkali Plant Expansions

Valve Solutions

Coogee Chlor-Alkali is Australia’s second largest
manufacturer of chlor-alkali products with three facilities across Australia – two in the Perth region of Western Australia and one in Lytton, Queensland. In 2015, Coogee undertook a significant expansion of the Lytton facility.

A new state of the art cell room significantly increased capacity. Like the Kwinana expansion of 2010, this incorporated Ineos BiChlor technology.

As well as providing increased capacity of sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid and caustic soda, it also provided greater flexibility and redundancy within the operation. 2015 also saw the start of 50% caustic soda manufacture and supply from this site.

Flocontrol was instrumental in both of these projects from the early stages in working with the Coogee Engineering Team on design and specifications for valving through to the supply of specialised chemical valves for both plants. We continue to be a valued supplier across all the Australian Coogee operations to this day.

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